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Welcome to the GPnetwork!

The GPnetwork offers an exciting opportunity to consult, refer, support and collaborate with other Doctors around the world.

It is our mission to be the leading Medical networking site for Doctors of all specialties.


 ALL Membership Level’s must be approved by the GPnetwork prior to being able to use our platform.

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What we Provide:

Upon being accepted as a member with the GPnetwork you will have access to all our resources and support right at your fingertips.

Our mission is to build the largest network of Doctors and Medical Specialists from around the world enabling you to come together to consult and collaborate with each other 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

It is not compulsory for you to utilise our tools for telehealth via the GPnetwork platform to enable you to enjoy these features.

Our platform is 100% spam free as well as 100% free to join – giving you the ability to share the wealth of knowledge between you and your peers.

Every level of membership gives you access to:

  • Free private in mail
  • Free access to public video room’s
  • Free access to public and private group forums

In order for you and other members to feel secure with socialising and networking on the GPnetwork’s secure environment, Everyone must go through the same screening process to become a member: Everyone must be verified by us, including a verification of having a current medical registration as well as providing a valid ID.

Continuous improvement is important to us at the GPnetwork, please feel free to make any suggestions for us to integrate and implement additional services.

Please contact us today to find out how you can be part of this exclusive network.




Level 1.Only: $9.00 per month

Membership at Level 1 gives you

  • Your own customised individual profile and services page featured in our members directory
  • A @gpnetwork email service. This is a full service that is 100% secure and private. Email address example: DrPhil@gpnetwork.org DrPhil@gpnetwork.com.au etc.
  • Ability to confer and consult with your fellow doctors and specialists on our platform.

Please note: The GPnetwork email addresses are not accessible by any other entity – meaning your conversations are completely private.


Take it a step further and enjoy the extra income opportunity’s that telehealth has to offer.

Level 2  only: $195.00 setup & just $59.00 per month

This option is perfect for those that have an existing practice. It is for Doctors that want to expand their services further to their existing patients.

How many times have you said “I wish they would have come to me sooner”.

Well now they can – you just distribute your virtual office URL to your existing patients and enjoy the benefits of being able to consult with them wherever you may be. Whilst having the peace of mind that your conversations are 100% private, secure and safe from any entity.

In simple terms you get all the benefits of being a member as in Level 1 plus your own personal virtual office address that you can also distribute to anyone. You can even share with peers, friends or family allowing them to join you in a real time face to face video or voice conversation wherever you may be. ALL just buy clicking a link.  “With nothing to download or install.” example URL http://gpnetwork.org/drphil

Please note:  If you wish us to handle all your needs including marketing, scheduling and billing you must sign up for the next program.


Join US

Level 3

Let our marketing and full support help you grow your practice with us. Potential Patients are looking on the GPnetwork for quality Doctors to consult with for everyday common illnesses.

When you are a Level 3 GPnetwork member you are able to consult with patients we obtain by being online and available at the time they need medical consultation.

Level 3 Only: $195.00 setup & just $59.00 per month +20% of payments received from patients that were obtained and processed through the GPnetwork. 0% on your own existing practice transactions billed privately by you through your own means.

Additionally with level 3 you get a customized dashboard that is designed around each Doctor for ease of use.

  • Instant real time video and voice communication between you and your patients by merely just clicking a link. Using the latest technology and server exchange allowing direct communication easily through your internet browser without having to download any additional apps or software.
  • Easy scheduling and appointment interface for bookings.
  • Adding multiple people to your consultation takes only a second or two to initiate. Our instant switch allows you to add users to your call at any time switching to our red5 flash servers. all 100% secure
  • Share a file, x-ray or information brochure easily, Just drag and drop in the patients window.
  • We take care of all the front and back office support so you don’t have to. Whether it is billing, patient inquiries & all compliance procedures so that you can just concentrate on doing what you do best



Being an online doctor

Whether you want to work from home, want to cut your clinic hours back or you are just in between jobs. Utilising telehealth with the GPnetwork offers you the flexibility to work your own hours, when, where and how it suits you.

The GPnetwork allows you to have high quality HD video consultations in real time – on a Desktop, Laptop or a Mobile device, we bring Doctors and patients together for live, face-to-face visits.

We have integrated the latest technology with our secure databases so you have no special hardware or software needed. It really is as easy as a couple clicks of a mouse.
Online healthcare should uphold the same principles as in-person medicine. For The GP network to be truly effective, telehealth or telemedicine must also provide continuity of care. Doctors are paramount to the patient experience – We provide a means to engage in face to face consultations between patient’s and registered Doctor’s, there are no anonymous calls here.

We are also able to provide a platform where the focus is on 100% privacy with secure information storage and 100% confidentiality. Alternative platforms that utilise Skype and other shared platforms cannot guarantee any of these vital attributes.
All the Doctors wishing to join the GPnetwork on any level of membership must be verified and have their registration in their various locations thoroughly checked by us prior to being accepted as a member to the GPnetwork.
Instant real time medical data sharing is available in an easy drag and drop interface for referrals to other Medical Practitioners or Allied Health Providers. The GP network payment model allows you to earn between 80 & 100% per consultation as an independent Doctor and Medical Practitioner.