Why Use Us

As much as 70% of Doctor visits for common conditions can be replaced by a telehealth consultation with a Doctor.

The GPnetwork’ s service is a convenient complement to primary health care.

At the GPnetwork we offer an innovative health care service that uses dual video conferencing technology to have a face-to-face doctors visit with a Registered and Medical Board Certified Doctor. We provide a quick, convenient service that can be accessed from any personal computer equipped with a web camera, headset and Internet access or through the use of your mobile device (tablet or smartphone).

The Doctors on the GPnetwork respond to video conferencing requests usually within minutes, saving the patient two to four hours of time while providing the same visual and personal patient / doctor interaction experienced during a traditional office visit.

A Doctor on The GPnetwork can perform an evaluation of many minor illnesses, such as viral illnesses, muscle and joint disorders, skin disorders, external eye problems, allergies and headaches. Advice and health information can also be given to the patient. The Doctor is able to recommend treatments and when appropriate prescribe medications electronically to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice.

Illness or injury can strike at any time. The GPnetwork helps you get back on your feet, no matter where you are or the time of day. All you need is a webcam or smartphone / tablet with internet access



Get Better. Virtually. Anywhere.



The GPnetwork: Does not dispense medications of any kind and is not an online pharmacy. We do not route any e-prescriptions to online pharmacies. Any e-prescription issued through a doctor on the GPnetwork, must be purchased and reviewed with a pharmacist, in person, at a local pharmacy.

If you are located in a rural remote area without access to a local pharmacy please inform your doctor at time of consultation so that a alternative method can be found for you.

Medications cannot be purchased directly or indirectly through The GPnetwork. The cost of a visit covers only the consultation with a medical provider and does not, in any way, apply toward the expense of purchasing a medication. The GPnetwork is not a replacement for your primary care physician or annual office check-ups.