How It Works

Simple asĀ 1 2 3

1. Register:

Registering is easy and only takes a few minutes once you have completed the medical questionnaire you will automatically have created a profile which is stored securely for future visits. Because of our unique encryption only the Doctor you share your details with will be given a key to have access to these medical records. The administrators of the GPnetwork cannot even view them.

2 Our Doctors:

Simply select from our list of qualified Doctors, Currently We are recruiting doctors from around the globe, All are Medical Board Certified and registered in their relevant country of practice with individual viewable profiles for you to review their certifications, special medical interests and credentials. Doctors are country specific and cannot cross borders without an invitation and current registration in that country. Although we feel it is best to select someone in your home state or city. You can select whomever you feel most comfortable seeing in your own country.

3. Make Appointment:

Upon finding a suitable Doctor that you would like to engage with. It is just a matter of clicking the make appointment button and you will be automatically directed to payment options then reverted back to that Doctors online virtual office where your consultation begins.